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In Store Repair Procedure

To our Customer:

This document is for your reference as to the stages of repair your system will receive while under diagnostic and advanced repair work if required at our store location.

Service Queue:

Once your system is received it will be placed in a service queue awaiting diagnostic(in the order it is received) Mondays are typically very busy and it is not uncommon for us to take in up to 20 computers for diagnostic. Wait times may vary, as diagnostic may take up to 48 hours. Systems in the service queue are sorted for diagnostic with any system that was sold by Artemis Computers taking priority in the queue. Other Priority work can be performed via our onsite tech in house by a booked time slot for those needing immediate services; this is billed out at the onsite hourly rate. Please note that priority work does not guarantee release on a client provided deadline as diagnostic will need to be performed first to determine problems.

Diagnostic Stage:

During the diagnostic stage our primary focus is too confirm the issues that the user is reporting. Sometimes the issues are side effects of a larger issue that the user is not aware of. If issues are found during the diagnostic that were not reported, a call will be made to you on completion of the diagnostic as to how to proceed with repairs. If problems are minor in nature they may be resolved during this stage. Now your system enters the repair queue.

Repair Queue:

Your system is now being repaired as per the instructions and approval received under diagnostic. You will be contacted when your system is ready for release or an update call as to when your system will be released. If your repair requires that parts be ordered in your place in the repair queue will be forfeit until your parts arrive. You may call at anytime to give further information on your system, however, if you would like an update on your system, please wait until we call you as we cannot provide information on a repair until the process is completed or we will call if we require additional approval to continue with your repair.

Please note that Artemis Computers understands that your computer is very important to you for all sorts of reasons and our goal is to provide quick and complete work every time. Please understand we can get extremely busy very quickly.

* Due to the nature of failing hardware in a repair scenario Artemis computers is not responsible or liable for loss of data at any time during diagnostic or repair work.

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