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Compute Cycles, what are they ?

What are compute cycles?

Compute cycles measure how much processing time your applications require on Artemis Cloud hosting . Using 10,000 compute cycles in a month is roughly equivalent to running a server with a 2.8 GHz modern processor for the same period of time.

How many compute cycles will my applications use?

Since web applications vary so greatly, it's hard to make a perfect guess. There are, however, some guidelines that can help. For example, 10,000 compute cycles would power approximately:

  • 2.1 million page views using a database-driven content management system
  • 11 million page views of artemiscomputers.com
  • 25 million requests for a static 15KB image

What Happens if my website goes over my compute cycle Limit ?

if your Website goes over the limit your site or operations will not be affected , however there will be an "overage" fee per cycle that is exceeded on your plan at the rate of 1¢ / compute cycle over


What goes in to calculating a compute cycle?

Mostly, CPU processing time. However, compute cycles also account for the disk I/O your application's operations consume. For example, a page with heavy database queries will consume more compute cycles in part due to the larger volume of disk I/O it requires.

Will my web application scale?

There are many factors that impact how easily a web application can scale, including the application's code and its architecture. Artemis Staff are ready to review your web application/solution and provide guidance on how to optimize it for Cloud hosting. If an application is not properly built for scale, Cloud hosting in our environment will not be able to compensate for it. Also, if you are expecting a massive surge in traffic (perhaps your site was featured on Oprah) please contact us in advance and we will help you prepare for it. Please contact us , phone, email , or support request to find out more.

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