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Email account setup with Windows

Artemis Email is configured to work with a number of popular client software please click on the below items for your client of choice.

outlook2007 Outlook 2007/2010 Pop email setup .PDF

Outlook 2007/2010 IMAP email setup .PDF

Outlook 2003 Pop or IMAP email setup .PDF

Outlook Express Setup .PDF

Windows Mail Pop setup .PDF

Windows Mail IMAP setup .PDF

Outlook 2002 / XP Setup .PDF

Outlook 2000 Setup .PDF

Mozilla thunderbird Setup .PDF

Mozilla thunderbird User Guide .PDF

Mulberry Setup POP Guide .PDF

Mulberry Setup IMAP Guide .PDF

Netscape Setup Guide .PDF

Netscape User Guide .PDF

Mozilla Seamonkey Pop Setup .PDF

Mozilla Seamonkey IMAP Setup .PDF

Eudora Pop Setup Guide .PDF

Eudora IMAP Setup Guide .PDF

If you have any trouble in setting up your email client please contact Artemis support for Assistance.

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