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Email Servers and ports

When setting up your Artemis email account your username is always your email address


Automatic Setup Instructions


Email Account Setup is easy with Artemis computers Autoconfiguraton Utility for POP and IMAP accounts Click below to get started

     Auto Setup email Utility for POP Email Accounts       Auto Setup email Utility for IMAP Email Accounts


POP / IMAP Server Settings

Account Type Incoming Mail Server POP / IMAP Ports SSL Encryption
POP3 secure.emailsrvr.com 995 YES
POP3 pop.emailsrvr.com 110 NO
IMAP secure.emailsrvr.com 993 YES
IMAP imap.emailsrvr.com 143 NO

* Artemis recommends SSL Encryption settings for all incoming mail to your client software


SMTP Server Stettings
Account Type Outgoing Mail Server SMTP Ports Alternate Ports SSL Encryption
SMTP secure.emailsrvr.com 465 465 YES
SMTP smtp.emailsrvr.com 25 587,8025 or 2525 NO
* Artemis recommends SSL Encryption settings for all outgoing mail from your client software
* Artemis Hosted email requires authentication turned on for SMTP outgoing servers that matches your incoming server settings


SETUP guides and other information

Windows based setup MAC based setup Cell Phone based setup POP vs IMAP which one ?

If you have any problems with the setup of your email account and require assistance please contact Artemis for support


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