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Get total peace of mind by adding Artemis Archiving to your email account


Artemis Email Archiving

Don't struggle with email storage. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from secure,
affordable Email archiving or Exchange email archiving. Our archiving solution
addresses the most troublesome aspects of long-term email storage for every mailbox on your domain:

Message Backup
Delete with confidence. Artemis Archiving automatically saves all inbound and outbound
messages in a secure email archive with unlimited space. Instantly search and restore messages
from the Control Panel.

Legal Discovery
Search, retrieve, and export requested messages in seconds not days with Artemis email
archiving solution. The Legal Hold option lets you automatically collect messages
involved in litigation

Launch domain-wide searches, restore mail, and export messages from a simple, web-based
Control Panel. Metadata, body, and attachment content is stored and indexed making it easier to
find the right message

End User Access
Empower employees to quickly and easily locate important emails without IT assistance. End
user access to their individual archive makes lost email a thing of the past while
letting IT resources focus on other projects.

Email Retention
Artemis Archiving provides bottomless email retention storage. Implement email archiving
with no upfront costs or software downloads. Manage email policy with monitoring
tools and optional retention periods.

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